Russell Pond and B bar C Outfitters is proud to be amongst Idaho's best bear outfitters and guides. As a serious Idaho bear outfitter, we spend an immense amount of time to bring you a great bear hunt in Idaho. We have just a few spring 2024 spots and fall 2025 is filling in fast. 

We consistently produce excellent bear hunting results, with decades of high kill rates. IDFG unit 10 allows for combination bear and wolf in spring, and all fall hunts can be a combo with wolf and bear if desired. Feel free to contact us and discuss the reasons why we are a great choice. 

If you need more specifics or would like to reserve space, do not hesitate to call us right away.

One bear hunts are currently at $3500 total hunt cost plus $195.75 for your license and $41.75 for bear tags. Trophy combo hunts (this is hound and bait all day hunting) for one bear are $4500 plus tax and tags. You can also add another bear for $1000 if planned in advance for an additional bear over bait.

We have wolf and bear hunting in spring or fall. It's $1500 extra to focus on wolf with your bear hunt in spring or fall; wolf tags are only $41.75. Non hunters will be at $950 if you will not accompany hunters to stand and $1250 if you plan to go out to stands. Food & lodging are included either way. Prices can be held at this price if reserved now. Please see the price page for more details.


Over the years, we have specialized in bear hunting and have many references.  Depending on your personal preference, we can have you drive right into camp or at least to the snowline. If you choose to fly, you must rent a car and drive in. We hunt from stands and blinds; set up always depends on the bait and hunter's weapon choice. 

Depending on which camp you choose, we have cabins or wall tents for housing. Both have wood heat with comfortable cots and foams. You will need sleeping bags. Please bring full camo in layers with a waterproof outer layer. The prices quoted currently include all food and lodging as well as full guide service and caping of critters. 

Things not included in the price are gratuity for guides, any hotel expenses on your trip to here, meat processing, and taxidermy.

Spring hunts run from mid May to end of June and fall hunting will be the 2nd and 3rd week of September with a flexible start date. Hunters will fly in Saturday and arrive in camp Sunday. Hunting is M-F and back out on Saturday for flights out Sunday. I have included lots of information here detailing all of our Idaho hunts. If you need more specifics or would like to reserve space do not hesitate to call us right away.

If you're looking for some more specifics read below:

Between our 3 vast areas in the Bitterroots of Idaho and our Maine operation - we take more bear and bear hunters each year than any other outfitter conducting business solely in the lower 48 US. Here in Idaho, we offer both bait & hound hunting. 


We own and Operate 3 outfitting businesses here in Idaho under Russell Pond & B bar C Outfitters. We maintain close to 100 bait sites in the St. Joe and Clearwater National Forests. We generally take 6 hunters per week per camp and run 90 to over 100% success rates with all take methods combined. Bears average 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet in length. Every year we take a few 7 footers as well. Average weight may run from 160 to 225 lbs. 


Our season opens the 1st and 15th of April depending on the area chosen. Baits are placed as early as possible, but we do not take hunters until the 2nd week of May. This allows the bears plenty of time to establish feeding patterns on the baits.  A hunter may expect to see several bears during the week's hunt. This past spring we had no hunters without shot opportunity and killed 135% overall. Keep in mind that not all hunters were after 2 bear either. 

Fall bear reopens the last day of August and we immediately re-bait spring-established fall sites. Generally, we do not take folks for fall bear over bait till the end of the 2nd week of September to the first week of October.


Hunt cost quoted are plus tax and you supply your own tags (unit 10). Second bear options are available for $1000 and must be booked in advance. If appropriate, the website will be changed soon to reflect these prices please regard them as most current.


Our region of Idaho offers some of the best bear hunting in the United States. We do have a two-bear limit area available indicative of the excellent bear population. This region features the unique occurrence of the 4 color variations of black bear. Our harvest for the last several years, has been 50 to 60% color phase bear. When blacks are chosen it is generally for large size or prominent "V" marking on the chest. Located in the lush Bitterroots, our areas boast some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere. The spring weather is generally mild with wet periods. Best of all for our bear hunters on stand - there are NO BUGS. That's right, none of the plague of black flies you will find in the Canadian Provinces while spring hunting.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for a future bear hunt!